Just For This Minute

What a month June was. Fighting ear and eye infections. Falling in the shower and splitting my toe skin and hurting my arch. Two episodes of burning headaches in the same month was enough for me. On top of all that, the stress level has been higher than usual.

I don’t know what I do to get through this. I guess I pray a lot. I believe when we are stumbling over rocks; God is building strength and character in us. Maybe I have had enough building for one month; but I doubt it.

We have much room to grow in our souls. We are far from being set for life. I realize this and although I have my own “hate my day” parties; I will come out shining on the other side. You know what I mean?

God promises us he will never give us anymore than we can handle. I know it, but I sometimes get angry, when I realize what I can not do any longer.

My perfect day for me anymore is having peace. This means peace and quiet, no stress, little pain, able to smile, make my bed, bake a batch of cookies. Some days, this is a hard thing to do; but we all must go on.

There is a reward for this. Did you realize the harder we fight, the more we don’t give in, the more we thank God, the reward is going to be bigger than the most expensive car or house on this earth.

Right this minute, I have partly what I wish for daily. It is peaceful. I only hear the sound of my keyboard clicking away and the motor on the AC running.

In my mind, I am able to handle the pain that is in my foot arch. I am aware that God is right here beside me; giving me this little break.

I am aware that at any moment, my life can change. I try to be ready, but I can’t sit and wait for something to happen. I would drive myself to the psycho station.

No matter who you are, your color of skin, which side of the track you live on, we all deal with daily issues. Maybe yours are different than mine; but we each feel it.

For today, I am going to thank God for this minute of time and ask him to help me fight those other minutes of the day, when all I would really wish for is to climb in bed, cover up and sleep.

God bless you my Facebook and blogging friends.
Terry Shepherd