Today is a new day

I often ponder on why mornings are a much better time of day for me.  Nights have always seemed the worst for the many patients I used to care for. With evenings, it carries, coughs, fevers, depression, and death.


Each morning; I am renewed. I have no headaches usually. I awake with new hope and thank God for another chance to be helpful to others. I am not tired. I notice the sky and watch the sunrise. I think the clearest.


This reminds me of so many times in the Bible where it states the word New. A new beginning, a new life, a rebirth.


It seems it is all the negative and the stress of the day that helps bind nothings into pain and fatigue. If only we could protect ourselves in a bubble and not be touched by anything other than beautiful.


I go through my Facebook and see many friends that are suffering and I pray for healing. I see my friends who have had little sleep due to the mind wandering. Those who are caring for their loved ones are fatigued, so I pray for strength for them for this new day.


I look at one of my group pages that I love, Indiana Nature, and I smile. I love looking at all the photos that people take. I may not get to visit many places in Indiana but I sure do get beautiful visions of what other cities are like.


I try very hard to stay away from negativity. My heart hurts when I think of family members or people that were once in my life and how various situations have caused tears and pain. I miss what used to be. I sometimes begin to think about reaching out and re-connecting but decide not to as I know I have done this before and it has failed.


There is so much beauty in our world that each of us doesn’t really have the extra space to squeeze in the bad.  Look at the children laughing and playing. Watching people walk hand in hand. Seeing a father bending down to wipe the tears from his child’s cheeks after a fall from the bicycle.


I fell in love with God when my brother was ill. He then filled me with trust, hope and a realization that although I may not be able to work, although I may not be able to physically care for others; I can bring them hope and help them realize they are not alone.


This makes me feel better. I love my camera too. When I read your words that you like a photo I took; it makes me thank God for giving me the idea to use a camera. I will never be close to being a professional; but if you get a smile from a picture I take, then I am smiling too.


Life; it is an amazing piece of art isn’t it? Full of wonder, fascination. Thank goodness we have the choice of what to do with it.


It is already hot and muggy here this morning. I don’t know for sure what I am going to do. I know there is no  headache, no fatigue and I am happy.  What about you? Are you your best mornings or evenings?


Here is a couple of my latest photos.



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