Who I Am

I am not getting discouraged and yet I feel different inside. I still want to march forward and yet I am tired.

Eating breakfast and lunch today was not pleasant. Nothing sounded good and nothing tasted good either. I just feel sort of blah?

I am sure I will bounce out of this, it’s just a day, tomorrow is a new day. It takes a lot of physical work to concentrate on not falling, to not weeble-wobble. I worry too much about what people are thinking when they have rarely seen me act in this way.

It seems a lot easier right now to just stay in my room and be alone although I know from years of training this is not good. When I am in my room, I think of various things I could be doing and then when I am around others, I wish I was in my room.

This has got to stop. I want me to go back to me. Pray for me to be who I am?