One By One


I was really surprised that I received a phone call from my Orthopedic doctor yesterday. This goes back to last month when I went to see him about my toes curling  under and my unmistakable weeble-wobble.

Medicare does not generally pay for something when it doesn’t pertain exactly to my disability issue. Inserts for shoes have been taken away by the many cuts in Medicare. Now my feet have to look deformed in order to get help. I don’t know about you but when my toes curl under; they look deformed.

Well God answered a miracle once again. The inserts are going to be covered by insurance. No, they won’t help me stand-up longer but they will help balance out the bottom of my feet and hopefully help keep my toes from curling under.

This is one fight I have won. It doesn’t mean the disease won’t win in the end. What it does mean is I am climbing over stones; one by one.

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