Almost in Tears

Today is not a day full of pain. Today is a day filled with almost tears. It sounds stupid and crazy right? I don’t blame you for thinking that. Sometimes I just don’t understand myself.

My parents have been gone for years. My brother has been gone for four years. Knowing this is fact, then why do I still have my sad days.  Last night I had different dreams that I remember well.

I dreamed of family and laughter and getting together to share a meal. I know that my children are grown. I know that my life is blessed with friends who care and love me. Yet, here I am, feeling in almost tears.

I was feeling this way when I read one of my blogging and personal friends blog. It touched me because I knew I wanted to be more like her than who I am this day. I am glad I read it. I gained some emotional power to deal with today.

Do you want to meet her? Awesome! Here is her link.


Today is a new day

Filled with promise

Memories of yesterday

My job is to give

To be my best

To show others

I care

That I am there for them

Yes, today represents;

New opportunities.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



7 thoughts on “Almost in Tears

  1. Terry, I think we all have those days, some more often than others. As long as we don’t set up camp there, I don’t think it is harmful. It may even have potential healing powers for our emotions. I think some days our emotions are battered and bruised from the things going on in the world around us, in our personal sphere of influence and in our personal lives. Sometimes we just have to give in to it momentarily and let it do its work of cleansing. Memories can be wonderful and bring us hope, but some do bring a stirring up of the sadness the original situation held for us. Praying that the joy of the Lord will be your strength day by day and be more powerful than the sadness. Remember, the Lord collects our tears in a bottle in heaven, so there is nothing wrong with tears.


    • As I told Ute below in my comment to her, this illness draws depression. Even though I know it, I don’t like it. I do keep in mind that tomorrow will probably be much better. I just go with the flow. If I feel like writing, I do. If I feel like sleeping, I do. You are right, certain memories bring up sadness and my main memory is my brother. I try hard to not think about him because of this, but I usually fail, but other times I think of him and I smile. Big hugs

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      • It wouldn’t be natural not to think of him, he was such a large part of your life. Remember the fun times you had together. Put some praise music on when you feel down, and try to concentrate on God’s goodness. I know it isn’t easy, but it might just take your mind off the sadness if you try it. Praying for you. Hugs to you too.

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