Give me your thoughts

My weeble wobble is getting more in my way now a days. I am glad that for the most part, God helps me keep my spirit up.
I still get fatigued so easy. If I run errands or go on an outing, I can now bet that the following day; I sleep it away; but who cares? I got out of these four walls.
Last evening I fell into the walls twice. Thank-you wall for letting me lean against you, instead of nose to the floor. I have secretly been pondering on whether I should get a wheelchair. You know, for those bad days?
Again, they are still riding the halfway line. Some are good and others are bad days.
What do you think or advise? Embarrassment would be my number one slide back to this idea. It’s crazy, I know it. I scream at myself for those feelings; but I have them.
Should I try to get one or keep going with the challenge of walking with my walker? There aren’t too many times I don’t use that red walker these days. I usually try to exit the back door of the building to my car without a walker. It’s just so darn hard to fold and oh, the lifting of it to put it in the car. Almost too much plus a great risk of fall.
So give me your thoughts. Why? Because I just don’t know what to do next.