Give me your thoughts

My weeble wobble is getting more in my way now a days. I am glad that for the most part, God helps me keep my spirit up.
I still get fatigued so easy. If I run errands or go on an outing, I can now bet that the following day; I sleep it away; but who cares? I got out of these four walls.
Last evening I fell into the walls twice. Thank-you wall for letting me lean against you, instead of nose to the floor. I have secretly been pondering on whether I should get a wheelchair. You know, for those bad days?
Again, they are still riding the halfway line. Some are good and others are bad days.
What do you think or advise? Embarrassment would be my number one slide back to this idea. It’s crazy, I know it. I scream at myself for those feelings; but I have them.
Should I try to get one or keep going with the challenge of walking with my walker? There aren’t too many times I don’t use that red walker these days. I usually try to exit the back door of the building to my car without a walker. It’s just so darn hard to fold and oh, the lifting of it to put it in the car. Almost too much plus a great risk of fall.
So give me your thoughts. Why? Because I just don’t know what to do next.

6 thoughts on “Give me your thoughts

  1. It’s a tough decision. When I fell a year and a half ago, I was forced to start using a cane. I simply couldn’t function without it. I didn’t have a problem with embarrassment, just with the fact that I actually needed it. I got so I didn’t need it when I was inside, but when outside, especially if I had to carry anything, I needed it for balance. A few weeks ago in church I had a touch from the Lord as I sat in my seat. I got up and walked normally for the first time in quite a while. I didn’t need the cane, but I was aware that I still had a problem in my back/hip/leg. A couple of weeks ago, my leg started to really bother me again. I struggled with the thought of going back to the cane, but did not want to use it. I am a little better again, and still not using the cane. But if a wheelchair will keep you from falling and make it possible for you to go out, maybe it is time. It is a big step to take, because sometimes when we have to resort to that kind of help it makes us feel as though we are giving in to what we don’t want to give in to. Hope that made sense. It’s getting late and I’m getting tired. I pray that the Lord will direct you in making your decision. God bless.

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  2. Pray for a decision. In the end you need to take what you need, how it is safest for you. I wouldn’t care about what others think though. If you feel safe with the walker, use it all the time. You need to think about yourself and what is safe for you!


      • I definitely understand and commend you for it. I have a couple of friends who, since Robyn moved out, have treated me in a rather patronizing way, seeming to feel sorry for my situation–being alone and financially because of having to pay the full rent. I keep telling them that everything is fine. I have no desire to identify myself with my circumstances. I refuse to see myself as disabled even in a small way, and that is why I have never applied for a handicap card for my car. My physical condition does not define who I am. It’s the same for you, too. God bless you and keep you safe at all times. May His angels surround you and protect you from all harm.

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      • I do have the handicapped license plate because I fall when I walk too much. Other than that people don’t know I am ill unless I tell them or they see my wobble. Hugs


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