Hey everyone; it’s Monday! Did you go back to work? Or are you like me and stay at home?

There are pros and cons to going to work. Number one for me is the con; no paycheck. I get paid once a month and I have to make that last all month long; no matter what is going on that month. Prime example, December, Christmas, gifts, baking. Where does that money come from that we need when we live on Disability?


We just make it work. We find other means to make life as normal as possible. I have almost all of my Christmas gifts made or purchased. I am getting easy recipes gathered so I can take some goodies to my family’s home. Of course, this is a way for me to also taste sample and put on a few pounds.


Tell me what you are doing today? What do you do to make Christmas gifts stretch for you?



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  1. Since my books are now published, I have ordered author copies to give for some of my Christmas gifts. I am knitting mitts for the toddlers I give to (three cousins all about the same age). I will also be baking my whipped shortbread cookies to give as gifts. I may try baking some of my molasses lace cookies if I get the time–and ambition. I went to the dollar store the other day and bought some nice jars to put the cookies in. With losing my roommate this year I have to cut way back on the amount of money I can spend for Christmas. But I think it will be good. You just have to get a little innovative. For my prayer partner, I have actually created a book with many of the prayers we use on a regular basis and put it on KDP. It won’t go public, so she will have to get a proof copy, but I’m sure she is going to be very surprised and pleased that she won’t have to keep looking for individual papers in order to pray those particular prayers. It has taken a lot of hours of work, but next to no money, so that is good, too.

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    • I love shortbread cookies. I didn’t go back to work for pay. I help the less fortunate by making sure they have food and clothing. I live alone and some months I wonder how I made it but I realize God was watching over me. I couldn’t do it monthly without him. Merry Christmas my dear friend


  2. So many in my family groups are living on limited means, so we always have a swap the gift game for those over 18. The younger ones always get something, and they like it when it’s cash (even small amounts add up). The game is pretty standard, where you draw numbers first, and then first one chooses a gift to open, and the next person can take it or choose one from the pile. If they take the first person’s gift, then the first person has to take one from the pile and open it. If the third person takes the gift from the first person, then they can grab back what they opened the first time, etc. The first person gets a chance to swap their gift for anyone else’s at the end. Then we all might offer the one we ended up with that someone else wanted, and let the negotiations begin, hahaha. I have ended up with the item I brought more than once! The cost is always a $20 limit, and you try to make sure any gender would like it.

    I also bake to give as gifts and get boxes to turn into folding boxes to put them in. There’s a YouTube that shows you how to take the top and the bottom of a box and turn them into folded boxes turning one box into two.

    I’ll get the plain white ones and put pretty Christmas cards on the covers for decorations. That’s the gifts I’ll give to neighbors, family, and my boss from time to time – depending on my energy levels. I have fibromyalgia, and some days I’m just wiped from the work day and driving home. I am also taking care of my 4 year old grandson at least twice a month on Saturdays since his parents might both have to work.

    The rest of the expensive stuff I’ve finally let go of . I’m realizing I don’t need the clutter and the grown ones know what they want better than I do. So by keeping our expenditures low, we can spend money on the things we want. We’re all fine with that.

    My one sister has an ornament swap that is done just like the gift one. She used to have a cookie exchange, but then she got cancer (remission!) and decided to stay with a Paleo diet. So – we’re healthier now.

    I love Christmas music the most! So that makes the season thrill me the most – music.

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  3. I’ve made jam and give that as presents. Home made gifts are the best and come form the heart. Go out to the shops to buy…anyone can do. Write a heartwarming Christmas story and give it in a box with a candle to your friends. Beautiful to sit down and reflect.

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