A Bitchy Day, Darn it!

I hurt my back Sunday evening. I have babied it and taken Ibuprofin for a few days. I went back to my volunteer job today after missing Monday and was there about an hour when the pain reared its head.

I had some Ibuprofin with me so took two and went about my shift. Now, I am a bitchy, short-fused, in pain, woman. I don’t want to talk to anyone, see anyone. I just want to be mad.

I look around at my living room and it is filled with boxes, Christmas wrapping paper, tape, scissors, unwrapped gifts and plain old mess. I hate mess. I am a neat freak person. For this reason, I will be glad when Christmas is over? No, maybe just glad when these gifts are wrapped and delivered.

How did one little back swelling set me off for the rest of my day? I don’t know. A couple of years ago I leaned back on some pillows to watch TV. When I lifted my body back into a sitting up position, something pinged and my mouth opened wide in pain. I babied it for about a week and it finally got healed, but if I do something to use my back in that area, boom, it is back, the pain I mean.

I look at my kitchen and I see the papers there with the recipes I want to make for the holiday baking, but I don’t go do it. I just don’t know what is wrong with me these days. I am tired. I mean I am tired beginning a few hours after I wake. I don’t know if it is my illness, my age, or what, but I get sick of being tired. I could take three naps a day, every day if I could.

Well, I surely hope your Wednesday is smoother than mine. I am ready to get my P.J.’s on but it isn’t bedtime, besides, I am doing laundry. So, how is your day going?


7 thoughts on “A Bitchy Day, Darn it!

  1. My Wednesday was busy. No back ache though, but I struggle with high winds now.. Bring launched into the air like Mary Poppins is always possible. I don’t drive, everywhere u go is on my two feet, so there are some evenings, if I find one free from meetings that if I don’t get our accounts and lap top, I find myself sleeping too. I don’t think the cold weather helps much with that. Do you still write your lovely poems? Anyway, hope you get a better day tomorrow. Blessings


  2. It sounds like you stay busy. I wonder if partly why I’m bitchy is because of the time of year it is. It is hard to hide the memories of Christmases past. I do still write poetry. I had quit writing on here as much but the poems are on my facebook. I’m back to writing again here at WP, so you will see the poems pop back up. You are right, the cold weather has a lot to do with my days. It keeps me inside more. I can’t use my big camera in the cold. I don’t know why I live here in iNdiana. Yes I do, my kids are here. Big hugs


  3. Sorry to hear about your pain. I hope it is better by now. My hip and back got really painful on Wednesday and yesterday I could hardly put my weight on my left leg. I had to go to the post office to pick up a parcel and should have taken my cart on wheels but didn’t realize that it would be so heavy. I had ordered 10 copies each of my books. Between trying to carry that out to the car and the current pain, my walking was terrible and now the calves of both legs are really sore. I had company last night for dinner, so had to do some cleaning on Wednesday and yesterday to get ready. Vacuuming is never good for my back. My friend said I should have called her to postpone the dinner, but I said I would be in pain whether or not they were here and she was OK with that. Today it has been coming and going, some steps with little pain, then suddenly it’s back again. I don’t like it, but try to keep going when I can. I, too, could nap a few times a day but usually get one nap in at some point many days. I wake up tired and go to bed tired, so I just plod along in between. I don’t have any of my Christmas gifts wrapped yet, either. And I still have to bake my whipped shortbread–4 batches of it hopefully. Don’t know if I’ll get the molasses lace cookies done or not, but I’m going to stock up on the molasses just in case. I can always use it up in other ways if the cookies don’t get made. This is such a busy time and sometimes I don’t feel like doing anything but putting up my feet and watching a movie. Actually I’ve been doing that today but I’m also knitting baby mittens at the same time, so I’m getting gifts finished while resting my back.

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    • I hate us getting older, don’t you? The little, nagging aches and pains. Remember when we could clean our house in one day and that included moving some furniture around? I am wrapping a few gifts daily. I will be glad when that is over. Next week I am going to make something ginger. Most likely gingerbread cookies for the first time. I hope they turn out. I have to bake daily because I can’t stand long enough anymore to do a lot. Merry Christmas


      • I’m putting most of my gifts into bags, so it shouldn’t take me too long. I have to have a few done for next week. But I realized the other day that I don’t have any Christmas tissue to put in the bags so will have to go to the dollar store this weekend to get some. I’m like you, I can’t stand that long any more. After Robyn moved out last June, I had a real cleaning spree and had to move furniture, but it didn’t seem to bother me then. I couldn’t do that now, though. I changed the room she had all around and I love how it looks. I nearly killed myself trying to move a large and very heavy piece of wood out of that room into my room to use under my mattress. That was something else and extremely awkward. Another project I could not tackle now. It’s amazing what 6 months can do. I’m hoping and praying for improvement in pain level and mobility, but until that happens, I just do what I can each day.

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  4. You take it easy. I know it sounds easier than doing. I have done the same thing. I love or always loved moving furniture. My rooms get in a rut; I change the furniture. I struggle today. I still do it but not nearly as often. I always pay the price. I hope you are pain-free real soon! You are a good person, having dinner with others who may not have a dinner. No wonder we are friends. I see the good qualities in you.


    • Thank you. Fortunately that was the only room I could move around. The furniture in the other rooms only fits where it is and has always been. I have not put my own things back into that bedroom as I wasn’t sure if I might have to get another roommate to help with the rent. It is going up all the time. But I really don’t want someone else here, so I’m trying to work it with my money so I can cope on my own. Once I decide I can keep on by myself I will put some of my things in there to make more room elsewhere.


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