The Familiar Place

Last evening it was quiet. I did some of the things I wanted to get working on and then I went downstairs. The poem I just wrote is about what I thought and saw.



The Christmas lights glowed

Reflected on her tears

I felt the storm

Of thundering memories.


We aren’t really that close

I didn’t know what to say

I looked around for others

Not a shadow of a face.


I felt the tug in my heart

Requesting me to stay

I pulled my walker close

Locked my brakes and sat down.


Words flowed easily

From my mouth

I explained I felt her feelings

As I was living mine.


We shared so easily

Memories of our families

The empty seats at dinner

The place we live in now.


We spent about an hour

Like friends for ever more

We ended with some laughter

We then both went our own ways.


Written by,

Terry Shepherd



15 thoughts on “The Familiar Place

  1. Lovely thoughts. It is good to be able to share with others and to give what we can. God bless you and keep you filled with His love, peace and joy through this Christmas season. I’m not sure what my day will be like. A couple of people who usually spend Christmas with me are or may be going elsewhere this year. I know one friend is coming, maybe two.

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      • Terry, it wouldn’t really bother me to be alone at Christmas. I will be happy either way. But Denise said barring a snow storm she will be here. Knowing that, I will invite Kurt. I didn’t want to invite him and discover he would be the only one coming. I would have felt awkward with that arrangement. I hate to think of him being alone, though. His kids usually go to their mom’s for Christmas, but this year he has a new granddaughter, so that might just change things for him. Marcel wants to try to get up north where his kids are but I don’t know if he will be able to follow through with that as it’s a long way and he no longer has a car or a job for income. If not, he will probably come here too. These are people from church who usually don’t have anywhere to go for Christmas and I have made a bit of a tradition over the past few years to invite them here. The only problem is that it takes a lot of work to prepare the meal for a number of people and they are all gone by 7:30. I don’t know why they leave so early, but that seems to be the way it goes.

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