My Holidays

Talk about Who am I. Wow, this is something I didn’t even have time to think about over the holidays. Busy, busy, busy. This was my schedule for days prior to Christmas.

As most of you know; I have Parkinson’s and Ataxia. This disease makes you so tired. So you can imagine how many times I visited my bed for naps on a daily pattern. It seems that now that Christmas is over; there is the clean-up of the house too. I switched my televisions from bedroom to living room. I have some things on one TV that I don’t have on the other, and when it comes to movie times, I would rather be laying down, not sitting on a couch.

I put all my Christmas items away including the tree. I kept up some of my lights and of course I still have three smaller trees that stay lit and up all year round. I moved the furniture and pulled the stomach muscles. Ouch, did that hurt for the next twenty-four hours. Each project I finished made me more tired; but I was determined to have a new look. I moved all my paintings and pictures to different rooms. I had a friend clean my carpets. I feel like I have a new apartment and it feels good; but whew, I am so tired. After this post; I am taking a nice, long nap.

I don’t volunteer tomorrow or Tuesday, so  hoping for more catching up on my sleep. I can’t tell you which is worse. The weeble-wobble I do at all times now or the extra need for sleep. I guess I am just thankful it isn’t worse and we know life can be much worse than we have it now.

I went to my son’s for Christmas. It was very nice. I just love watching my grandchildren opening their gifts. Hearing their excitement in their voices, the laughter and yes, even their running around the house. I went over the night before and watched the annual Christmas cookie baking. That was a real treat.

My daughter will be up sometime in January. I took the tree down so it won’t look like Christmas but hopefully our visit will be even better without the clutter.

Tonight, I am going to try out this new recipe I found. I posted it on my other site I have for recipes. It is a Sloppy Joe Casserole. Looks pretty easy and now-a-days; I like easy.

Here where I live, we had our annual Christmas party. It was nice. I don’t have any plans for New Year’s Eve. I don’t drink so no need to go out and party. It’s also hard for me to stay awake so late and besides; I have seen that ball drop for so many years, it’s not special to me anymore.  Perhaps I will go down to the community room and see if anyone is down there. It would be good to share some chat and laughs.

What did you do over Christmas? Do you have plans for New Year’s Eve?



A couple of photos of my family Christmas.


Here are two of the paintings I did for two of my children.

11 thoughts on “My Holidays

  1. Happy New Year Terry… I am about to tackle a big basket of ironing to make a start on my home 🏡 chores. So just reading one or two new posts in between, I pray that the Lord will give you all the strength and energy needed in the coming year and new years and that you will be blessed with good time to allow the Creator Spirit to visit you with new poems. God bless you my friend in the ways you need most. Amen


  2. Glad you had such a good time at Christmas. Mine was quiet. I invited 2 people from the church for dinner. Neither had anywhere to go. I have been relaxing a lot. Tonight is quiet. I’m home by myself as I will be tomorrow. But that’s OK with me. I have been really tired, too, so can relate though I don’t have anything like your condition causing the tiredness. I still have all my Christmas decorations up.

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    • It seems the attitude plays a part in Christmas decorating. I have no problem putting the decorations up. I force myself to rise and take them down but in the end; I like having my living quarters back to normal. Have a peaceful day.


      • Thank you. You too. I am battling computer problems which doesn’t really make for a peaceful day, but I’m trying to remain calm in the midst of it. Even the new one I got on Tuesday evening has crashed several times. I actually don’t know how new it is. I got it from someone at church and he came and transferred the stuff from my old computer before it made a final crash. This one looks pretty new, but he is not charging a huge price, so it can’t be that new. The monitor is 24″, about twice the size of my old one and it’s hard to get used to, but great, though. God bless.


      • I hope your computer problems work out. I had to replace mine in November. I found great deals, advice from a Facebook user, on Refurbished ones. I was not disappointed.


      • Good to hear. It’s frustrating when you get into the middle of something and the computer crashes. I’m going to have to get hold of Chris and talk to him about this. I need something dependable. It’s probably something simple but that I have no way of understanding or figuring out.


  3. Happy and healthy new year Terry. I spend Christmas day with my son being lazy eating pizza. A wonderful Xmas. Boxing day I had both sons with me and my partner, there I had turkey…. 🙂 Then I went to my 92 year old mum and stayed over New Year with her and had a lovely peaceful quiet time. I love when life slows down with my mum. We both enjoyed it. Well on Monday work starts again and normal life. Look after yourself in the new year and it will be a good year!


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