And it Has Arrived; New Year’s Eve

Like snow in your winter days? Then don’t come visit Indiana. We have nothing but above normal temps and rain. It can be a gloomy time or you can huddle in your favorite P.J.s and watch a movie, write on your blog or play on FB, like I am.


I met-up with my girlfriend this morning and we shared breakfast and chat. I love the time we spend together and when I am driving home I think; where did that time go? No matter how often we see each other, we have never ran out of topics to talk about.


Now back at home, I did a load of laundry and changed the sheets on the bed. The apartment looks pretty good from the vigorous cleaning I had been giving it the past two days. For today, New Year’s eve, it is my day to do as I wish.


I don’t know of any scheduled events in the community room for tonight but I don’t care. If I feel like going downstairs this evening, I will grab something to eat and take it down. Hopefully, someone will be down there.


There is such hype and money spent on this holiday but the key word is “couples.” Very few living in my building have a significant other, so there won’t be that big partying going on here. Besides, I have sort of outgrown? that party urge to stay up until midnight to watch a glitter ball drop from the sky. I would rather be in my “comfy” clothes and crawl under my covers when I am ready.


I prepared a meatloaf yesterday. Today I will bake it along with a potato. Served with my favorite, green beans, this will be my New Year’s eve dinner. This means meatloaf leftovers for a few days and no big-time cooking for me. Yeah!


What are your plans for this evening?










2 thoughts on “And it Has Arrived; New Year’s Eve

  1. I’m trying to catch up on e-mail tonight. I had hoped to get a little done on corrections in my book, but I doubt that will get done now. We had a bit of snow over the weekend, but now it’s just rain again. We must be having similar weather to you. I don’t mind. I don’t complain about not having to scrape my car off. 🙂 It’s quiet in my building right now, so I guess either people are not partying or have gone elsewhere to do it. That’s fine with me. I like it quiet, especially at bedtime. Happy New Year, Terry.

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    • It must be an age thing because I like quiet. I went downstairs and we played a card game, ate some junk food and watched the ball drop in New York. I hadn’t stayed up that late in so long. I was so tired when I finally went to bed. It is nothing but gloom out this morning. Gray everywhere. Happy New Year my friend


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