Are You Ready Too?

It’s been a moving forward but slow last week. I pulled a muscle in my lower back. I don’t even know when I did it. Years ago when my daughter was born, which was in Germany, the doctors used the Spinal block for their drug of choice to deliver a baby.

Today, forty some years later, I can’t stand to have that spot touched. I’m sure Mr. Arthur has been settling in for a long-term relationship with me. I babied my back. I used OTC medications and my rice bag. I laid in bed quite a bit.

Yesterday, was the first day I could actually go through my day with only ten percent pain. It feels good to be back to my usual self. I am hoping that this week I will also receive a phone call stating my shoes will be ready to pick up.

With my Ataxia, it is  hard to stand steady and I will try anything that may help my feet. I hate that feeling that I am going to fall or the weeble wobble that my body does.

This week I will return to my volunteer job and there are doctor appointments and government meetings. I pray all will result in positive news.

The skies are something I wish I could change. The gray and brown colors are mainly what I see daily. Spring is coming though for us here in Indiana. Robins and Geese have been seen and these are good signs. Did  you know that Robins will not arrive back here in the mid west unless they are sure they won’t have to go a day without food? They are very smart birds.

I am so looking forward to greener grass, the smell of fresh air, the birds singing and watching the first flowers pop-up above grass levels. What about you? Are you ready for Spring?spring-season

5 thoughts on “Are You Ready Too?

  1. I can’t wait for spring either. We have had freezing rain, warm then very cold temps, yesterday a snow fall. So up and down. Today is sunny, but I think it is very cold. Tomorrow they are supposed to be coming in to our apartments to do something with the rads, and during that time we won’t have any heat! Not looking forward to that, though I am supposed to be out tomorrow afternoon. Only problem is that most of my rads are blocked by furniture and I don’t have what it takes to move it all, so I don’t know how it will all work out.

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    • This sure has been a yo-yo winter. A taste of Spring and winter all in the same week most of the winter. I do believe that Spring may be a bit earlier though this year, and I am grateful for this. It sounds like your weather is a lot like ours here

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      • Our weather seems to follow yours much of the time. I don’t know if that is normal or just something happening this winter. I’ll be happy when it’s over, though, that’s for sure. I do not like the cold.


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