It has been over two weeks since I finished my medication for my bronchitis. I still have that nagging cough remaining but can tell it is getting better. I went to the hospital and had my MRI. It was a real experience.

The machine took up the entire room. It reminded me of a big flying saucer and all white. There was a large table with lights and there were lots of magnets. It took some time for the tech to position me exactly how  he wanted me.

Wedges placed between my legs to lift them, between my arms so nothing touched anything and under my neck. My head was wrapped inside a plastic thing that looked like an over-sized football helmet and a cloth was placed over my eyes. All I saw was darkness.

After I was rolled under the lights, I heard rumbles or vibrations. These were making the neurons in my brain bounce in all directions. The rumbles went at different speeds and tones and was measured. Each set lasted three minutes and the entire process took a little over half an hour.

The conclusion came back clear. It doesn’t really mean anything to come back clear. Many neurological testings show nothing but yet we can all see there is definitely something going on.

I have my choice to go next to Cleveland Clinic for more testing. I can’t make up my mind but I’m leaning on the not going. I already know I have Ataxia. I have every symptom, so why waste more money on finding nothing.

Many MSA patients like my brother never found anything positive. The symptoms are what really told the diagnosis. I fit into this category also.

I have an appointment with my Science of Neurology doctor May 3rd. I will tell him about my MRI and my new symptoms.

I am progressing in my weakness and unsteadiness. My newest symptom is a little hard to explain. I walk a straight line but while walking my body drifts off to the right. Sort of weird but I have had it going on now a little over a week. I guess I will make my decision based on what this neurologist says.

Neurology is so mysterious. Everything happens within the brain. Nothing definite is usually found until after death testing. I just make up my mind to go for today. Hope for the best and do the best I can.