What About Today?

When you can’t find sunshine; be the sunshine

Today was cloudy and chilly when I got up. Part of me wanted to crawl back under the covers and go back to sleep but I knew I needed to get up.

I needed to thank God for giving me today. I needed to ask him to guide me through this day and help me to be a light to one other person.

I needed to exercise my one hand. I have Arthritis on my knuckle and two fingers. It helps them although it hurts so much at first. I needed to work my muscles in my legs so they don’t get weak. I needed to use my feet although they are in daily pain.

I have to try. When I help myself; God will help me.

It is now in the afternoon and I am glad I forced myself to do what needed to be done. Tomorrow, I will allow myself to sleep in a little, just like the old days when we were teens. How late do you sleep in? How late did you sleep in on the weekends when you were teens?

I hope your weekend will be nice. 55 degrees is predicted for Saturday and chillier on Sunday and Monday. Tomorrow evening is our Saturday night supper here where I live. A night I don’t have to eat alone!

2 thoughts on “What About Today?

  1. I rarely sleep past 9:00 and am often awake before that. Fridays and Sundays I set the alarm for 6:30 so I have enough time for prayer and to get ready for Bible Study/Sunday service. I didn’t sleep in all that late even as a teen. If I did, my father would start making a lot of noise to make sure I got up. Never figured out why because I wasn’t in the habit of sleeping all morning anyway. We had 59′ here today, cloudy with a little rain. Sure beats the snow we had a week or two ago. But the wind was really strong for a while today. I think (hope) that spring is here to stay.

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