All in One Morning

There are so many ways to be brave in this world.

I don’t know what happened. I was thinking maybe my Dystonia was having its way with my foot while I napped.

I had to go to my primary doctor this morning for my three-month lab work. I could barely walk. Yesterday after taking an afternoon nap, I got up and I could not stand on my foot.

Dystonia is a movement disorder in which a person’s muscles contract uncontrollably. The contraction causes the affected body part to twist involuntarily, resulting in repetitive movements or abnormal postures. Dystonia can affect one muscle, a muscle group, or the entire body.

I forced myself to endure the pain because there was no one around to help me and I was determined to go to the local church with my friends for a home-cooked dinner. I limped and was unsteady on my feet; but I did make it.

Today was about the same. I couldn’t wear my shoes and although it was chilly outside; I wore my flip-flops. It was difficult to drive and walk or even move.

I decided to treat myself to a breakfast made by someone other than myself, so I went to our local pharmacy which has a cafe within. I used to take my brother there a lot because they have a large Coca-Cola collection and if you have followed my blog for years, you know he was obsessed with this product.

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Map of HomeTown Pharmacy & Luncheonette - Zale Drugs

See outsideHomeTown Pharmacy & Luncheonette – Zale DrugsWebsiteDirectionsSave4.966 Google reviewsPharmacy in Warsaw, IndianaAddress: 1775 E Center St, Warsaw, IN 46580HoursOpen ⋅ Closes 7PM

Phone(574) 267-7356

My brother and I had been a part of this business since our parents started taking us when we were five and six years old.

My daughter worked there and I worked there. As I watched the waitress making my breakfast of eggs and bacon, I could almost hear my brother chatting away about all the Coca-Cola items.

My brother who has since passed away from Multiple System Atrophy.

As I watched her, I thought back to how many years ago it had been since I worked there and I could remember me racing up and down the path, filling orders. I thought I could really move quick.

Now, I couldn’t do that, no matter how bad I wished for it. Not only do the years fly by so quick as we age, any health issues can really slow us down. Still, I enjoyed my memories. I felt the ping of teary eyes thinking about how much I miss my brother and I reflected on my past months and can see my own progression in my health decline.

It really makes you stop and realize just how precious today actually is. It helps me keep working on being brave and dealing with medical issues. It helps me realize how much worse I could be. It helps me fight to walk today. Ignore the pain and smile because this is my life and today I have a chance to live it.







7 thoughts on “All in One Morning

  1. Terry, I remember you talking about taking Al there. I’m glad you were able to enjoy the change in routine today. Last Sunday a couple from church took me and another friend out for lunch and that was really nice, too. While we were there we saw another couple we hadn’t seen for quite a while. And the other day one of the young ladies from church called and invited me to have Easter dinner with her family. I thought that was really nice as she lives in a small house and has 2 children. Her father lives in the basement and her mother-in-law will be there for the day as well.

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  2. That was so nice being taken out to lunch. What a wonderful treat! Also to be invited for Easter dinner. People recognize what a wonderful and caring woman you are; just as I did. Enjoy tomorrow my friend.

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  3. Yes, today and every moment is precious. I found a letter in my mum’s cabinet explaining that my God mother was diagnosed with MSA. She died shortly after that. I didn’t know that. That has been 2012. She did have nasty bone breaks as she fell many times. I miss my mum and I am so glad that I did spend lots of relaxing quality time with her.

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