All Around the Merry Go Round

Lost time is never found again.

Once again I saw the article on the morning news. Another shooting in a school. Injuries and death were the final results.

I sit here as a Senior citizen and I just don’t remember my parents talking about this topic as a child. Of course; they could have hid this information from me but even as a youth; I didn’t see this on the National news.

As a kid, guns were mainly used for killing food for the table. Policemen carried guns to protect us from dangers.

We only heard about crime being done in the big, big cities. Today; guns can be bought underground and even in stores by almost anyone.

The rules have been changed as each major shooting is done but yet guns can still be placed in the wrong hands.

Does it really make a difference in new rules? Are we hitting the main target on these rules to keep the innocent safe?

There are people getting injured and killed by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. There are drive-by shootings. There are children being killed by those with emotional and mental problems.

I can almost guarantee that when I go to our local Wal-Mart; I will see at least one person carrying an armed weapon. Although I realize that person is protecting himself and his family from danger; it also gives me shivers seeing a real gun.

I grew up in another era. Sunday, stores were closed. Drugs were not running rampant among our streets. We could, as children, play outdoors into the dusk hours without fear.

How many people have to get killed before the right answer is in front of us? I don’t even know the right answer. Broken homes, lack of parenting, loss of employment, drugs, theft, the ME world is raging like venom being spat from a snake.

I wish the world would halt and pray together. I wish the President and the People connected. I wish God would be placed back in the government, schools and public places. I wish it were not a fear to pray in public.

I just wish. One day I will escape this and go straight to Heaven, but until then, how many need to have their lives taken early?