Amongst the Storm

She was sitting behind her desk grading papers. School was over for the day and she was so glad. It had been a rough day. Her concentration was low on what she was supposed to be teaching to her third grade students. Instead, her mind was on last evening at home.She and her husband were having another argument. The he said, she said was over the top. This argument had been going on for a few days now, ever since a friend had hinted that Jerry, her husband may be cheating on her.Beth looked into her mirror deeply. Did she look her best? Was she making a real effort to please her husband when they sat down at breakfast?She had built her own wall of unworthy. This in turn made her doubt everything her husband said in his defense to her accusations.
She placed one paper on top of another. Red check marks, grades with circles in it but as she looked at the finished pile she wondered if she had done a good job.
She heard a noise. A noise that sounded like scurrying. Soon the noise got louder and before she could stand, her door was thrown open and two men grabbed her from behind.They gagged her and tied her hands behind her back. They pushed her hard into a closet.She tried kicking at the door to break it open while she listened to chairs being tossed and desks being over turned. Gruff voices directing partners to look here and over there.She was scared and tears streamed quick down her cheeks. She asked herself, “Are they going to kill me? What will they do with me? What about my husband? Will I see him again?”
As she stood there shivering she felt a touch on her shoulder. She looked around her but all she saw was darkness. The touch on her shoulder became firmer. A warmth she had never experienced ran through her body. Her body became firm. She calmed down amongst the storm.The voice said, ” I have placed you in this situation because I want you to know the truth. I made you Beth. I made you just the way you are. You believe in me and I have been guiding you all through your life. Suddenly, you are not listening to me. Instead, you are listening to others who do not know me. I want you to go home and look at your mirror and your husband through the eyes I have given you.”
Suddenly the door opened to the closet. She was no longer restrained. There was no chaos nor noise. She walked over to her desk and saw that her papers were graded and put neatly in a folder for tomorrow’s class.She looked around, grabbed her coat and purse. She walked straight out of the school and got into her car. When she got home, her husband was reading the paper on the couch. She walked over to him with coat and purse still in hand. She laid his newspaper to the side and grabbed him around the neck, whispering, ” I love you so much. Thank-you for being my husband.”
Written by,Terry Shepherd

When you stray from the Lord, anything can happen