Memorial Day

“Freedom can not be bestowed-it must be achieved”


This land is my land
This land is your land
Then why still all the fighting?
Isn’t it all of our land?

Brave women and men
Fighting for our rights
Let freedom ring
Isn’t this how we sing?

Leaving families behind
Crawling on all ground
Watching with watchful eye
Looking for all evil spies.

Children left in broken homes
Caskets brought back to their land
Others missing; wondering where they are
All done for your and my freedom.

Red, white and blue flags
Flow gently in the breeze
Representation of what was fought
Let’s salute for what they sought.

Arguing, shouting, burning, death
Still roams around the world
A constant battle remains on earth
Seems since the beginning of birth.

For this one day put your hand over your heart
Remember what was done years before
This land is your land
This land is my land
Forever more.

Written by,
Terry Shepherd

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