Is This Old Age Related???

“Don’t let age get you down. It’s too hard to get back up”

I don’t hear men talking much about their aches and pains so I am assuming the person who said getting older was your golden words was full of crap!

I am kidding about this but in reality; I am asking for your advice.

The one thing that I am having to endure with aging and my symptoms from Ataxia is pain in my hand. I refuse to give up my typing on this keyboard.

I have a knot that has been growing on my index finger and now I have some slight swelling on that finger also. Oh, the burn and the pain. Good old Arthritis has decided to take-up home in my bones.

I am using Ibuprofin and Bio Freeze. Let me tell you something, that Bio-Freeze should work excellent because in my opinion; everyone within a block can tell I just put it on my skin.

There must be something natural to use. I can’t afford herbs and such on my income, so maybe an old-fashioned remedy that you know worked for your grandma? Any thoughts- let me know.