Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

At a senior ageI can sit backAnd look at my past.I can recall good memoriesAnd also rememberThe days of teaching by others.
Today, there are words heardThat are spoken with easeThat I didn’t hear when I was young.Murder, bullying, gangs to name a fewWere not mentioned in my house.
Was it true that I came from a simple home?Had I been so sheltered from the world?I remember Sunday school, and getting good gradesI was taught to use the golden rulesI was reminded if I didn’t say please and thank-you.
Or is it a fact that few care todayOr are we too busy keeping up with the Jone’sTo take the time to be a good example.How could our teachings become extinct?
How disappointed I becameWhen I had a bed timeOr had to turn my music downOr was told when I could begin dating.I look back now and I smileFor my parents loved me.
I feel for the youth of todayThe lost spirit; waiting to be found.The chaos of trying to fit inThat sometimes was never found.
As I sit here in the quiet of my homeA smile breaks out with easeI am thankful for my age and teachingI am grateful for my imagination.Life has many lessons yet to be learnedBut I do have my foundation and life is good.

Written by,Terry Shepherd

5 thoughts on “Life

  1. Yes, life is so different today even though the basic needs of humanity both physically and spiritually are still the same. It’s just that today many people have a totally different outlook on life, one that is twisted from what God intended for us. I agree that gratitude is essential, and seems for the most part to be a lost art. There is power in thankfulness to overcome many difficulties in life. Attitude does make a huge difference.

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