Blessings on a Cloudy, Snowy Day, 2020

Remember a little while ago this morning I posted about what to expect in 2020? Well about an hour ago the mailman dropped off two packages to my door. I was trying to remember if I had ordered something from Amazon and had forgotten about it. I went outside and pick up the two packages and brought them inside. Imagine my surprise and how happy it made my day on a cloudy snowy day to receive these items. My son had sent me a Downy ball which I’ve been looking for. He begged me some chocolate chip cookies and my granddaughter made me this card. Talk about blessings. This just made my entire day so much better. Already in 2020 it is brighter then a week ago in 2019.

The card
The downey ball.
The card
The card
The card
One of the two containers of cookies

My cat, Riley, also wanted to show me some love.

Riley and me

What’s Different than yesterday?

It’s Saturday morning and this morning is no different than last Saturday morning. I got up and grabbed a cup of coffee and here I sit with the morning news on sipping hot coffee.

I realize it is now 2020 instead of 2019 and when I paid my rent, I had to change the date but other than that, what’s different?

I see some changes ahead of me. In April I will be a year older. This gives me less chances of making a difference in the world and then I have to ask myself what kind of change could a sixty-five year make anyhow?

Not being young anymore, there isn’t kids to run to after school programs now do I have to set the alarm clock for work. I don’t get the weekly paychecks anymore, so what can possibly be different this time?

God only knows. He made it possible for an elderly woman to become pregnant. Jesus walked our earth and then died and came back to life. He made the earth in six days.

I don’t think there is an age discrimination in God’s eyes. I am pretty sure that if he sees fit for me to do something for him, he isn’t going to think, “Gosh, she’s too old now.” He could put me in the presence of a stranger to help make a difference in a life that was pondering on snuffing it out.

He could bring me to someone who is seeking help and needs to see what believing in God can make. He could draw my children and grandchildren closer to God by using me. I am quite a chatterbox. He could place me in a situation where other ears are listening to my words and I could change their day without realizing it.

So although I am sitting here doing really nothing, God can decide to make 2020, the best year ever. I may be walking with stumbles and falls from my Ataxia. I may be disabled and not work outside the home anymore. I may not collect a weekly paycheck, but I am still very much alive today and God will do something awesome with me this year.

We don’t always see the changes coming and when they do, we may not recognize them as they are gradual at first, but believe me, 2020 will be better than a week ago today.