Blessings on a Cloudy, Snowy Day, 2020

Remember a little while ago this morning I posted about what to expect in 2020? Well about an hour ago the mailman dropped off two packages to my door. I was trying to remember if I had ordered something from Amazon and had forgotten about it. I went outside and pick up the two packages and brought them inside. Imagine my surprise and how happy it made my day on a cloudy snowy day to receive these items. My son had sent me a Downy ball which I’ve been looking for. He begged me some chocolate chip cookies and my granddaughter made me this card. Talk about blessings. This just made my entire day so much better. Already in 2020 it is brighter then a week ago in 2019.

The card
The downey ball.
The card
The card
The card
One of the two containers of cookies

My cat, Riley, also wanted to show me some love.

Riley and me

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