Beyond the Box

Now that walkers and scooters are a part of my life; I have to plan on the tomorrows. Take today. Cold, snow and ice. What I may have done yesterday is not going to happen today.

Walking with out ice is a challenge in itself. Falls are my priority when standing or walking. Doing this activity on snow and ice is definitely a no. I don’t have the help for one thing and I don’t want to take the extra risk.

I have been a professional caregiver for a long time and I have seen too many people fall and break a hip and end up in the hospital then a nursing home. I have seen nursing home rehab patients somehow never make it home.

Maybe this knowledge makes me more freaked out, so I just stay home. With my infection and the weather conditions, I will be staying home today.

I need to clean my apartment too. Every three months there is an inspection of my living space. I have never seen this anywhere i have lived; so many times per year, but anyways, I want it extra clean.

Do you have to change plans or cancel activities from the weather for any physical disabilities?