Beyond the Box

Now that walkers and scooters are a part of my life; I have to plan on the tomorrows. Take today. Cold, snow and ice. What I may have done yesterday is not going to happen today.

Walking with out ice is a challenge in itself. Falls are my priority when standing or walking. Doing this activity on snow and ice is definitely a no. I don’t have the help for one thing and I don’t want to take the extra risk.

I have been a professional caregiver for a long time and I have seen too many people fall and break a hip and end up in the hospital then a nursing home. I have seen nursing home rehab patients somehow never make it home.

Maybe this knowledge makes me more freaked out, so I just stay home. With my infection and the weather conditions, I will be staying home today.

I need to clean my apartment too. Every three months there is an inspection of my living space. I have never seen this anywhere i have lived; so many times per year, but anyways, I want it extra clean.

Do you have to change plans or cancel activities from the weather for any physical disabilities?

5 thoughts on “Beyond the Box

  1. You are doing the right thing by taking extra care in the winter conditions, Terri. I had two knee replacements last year and spent 6 months in outpatient rehab so I, too, am taking extra care in rainy or icy weather.
    Stay inside. Be warm. Write when you feel like it. It’s good to have this indoor voice to the outside world. Bless you.

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  2. We had ice here yesterday too. But I didn’t stay home from church though I had to be very careful crossing the church parking lot. My car was parked underneath the balcony overhang here, so I could walk to it on dry ground going and coming home. I did have to stop at the grocery store on the way home, but their parking lot was clear, so it wasn’t too bad. But if I had my choice, I would stay home all winter. I would get pretty hungry, though, if I didn’t get out to buy food. 🙂

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