On a Snowy Day

The snow is falling here in Warsaw, Indiana. It is so pretty to watch and even prettier because I had made the decision to get what I needed before the snow started. Staying inside is a joy when you choose to go that route.

Kids are out of school today because of the weather, and I have been watching a dad with his kids sledding. I never liked sledding. In fact, i never enjoyed anything outdoors in the winter, except that one special year.

i doubt if anyone from the Warsaw area would remember my granddaddy, unless you are up in age years.His name was Loften Johnson. He was the best of all grandpa’s. It was even better because he wasn’t my true, blood grandfather, but he sure never let on.

I have mentioned it in posts before, but the memory is so wonderful and always causes me to smile when I think about it, so one more post of it can’t hurt.

He had an old, I believe, Ford hood off a truck. This particular winter life was good and he had nothing special on his mind but spending time with us grandkids.

My brother, Alvin Miller, and two of my cousins, Dan Yoder and Rod Yoder, were along for this ride. Sorry, if there were more, I plain just forget. Granddad would get his gray tractor and with a chain, hook up some way the hood to the tractor.

Us kids in all our winter gear would hop on and on the lonely, country roads, granddad would pull us down the snowy roads. I remember laughing so much, not a care in the world, and never wanting this fun to stop.

Granddad used to make house calls here in Warsaw. He would work on your furnace or install furnaces. After he retired from that he began a new job with the State Highway. He drove one of their trucks.

One day while driving, the good Lord wanted him worse than we did. He had a heart attack and died instantly. He has been gone from this earth many years but remains still very close in my heart, especially when I look out my window and watch the snow falling and the little ones smiling as they make memories with their parents sledding.

Written by,
Terry Shepherd