Where I Belong

I find myself loving silence
I think this must be my age
I love the sounds of night time
Noise often makes me flinch.

I see the news in the background
I see my cat cleaning once again
I feel my breathing in and out
And yet I hear a zero sound.

I find myself remembering
The past comes to me so clear
A tear falls for what once was
I can’t find myself to sing.

Then I think about the present
And the contentment is very clear
I have everything I could have needed
Nothing borrowed and nothing sent.

i used to think i needed more
i wanted what they had bought
And then I realized it was foolish
And threw those feelings out the door.

So as i sit here in my quiet
I realize I am blessed
To make it to this moment
Is life at its very best.

Written by,
Terry Shepherd