Where I Belong

I find myself loving silence
I think this must be my age
I love the sounds of night time
Noise often makes me flinch.

I see the news in the background
I see my cat cleaning once again
I feel my breathing in and out
And yet I hear a zero sound.

I find myself remembering
The past comes to me so clear
A tear falls for what once was
I can’t find myself to sing.

Then I think about the present
And the contentment is very clear
I have everything I could have needed
Nothing borrowed and nothing sent.

i used to think i needed more
i wanted what they had bought
And then I realized it was foolish
And threw those feelings out the door.

So as i sit here in my quiet
I realize I am blessed
To make it to this moment
Is life at its very best.

Written by,
Terry Shepherd

9 thoughts on “Where I Belong

  1. Hello Terry! Long time… Well I am beginning to love my silence… though most of the times yearning for something more… atleast that was until now. I’ve quietly began to cherish what is real. What is needed… that’s enough for now… Not selfishness, but self love!

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    • Hello my friend. I think you hit the nail on the head. Cherish. We become a little selfish. I think we must do this for ourselves. We have been through many experiences in life so to enjoy something so simple is awesome. The hard part is to actually make the decision to do so. Hugs

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