To a Bully

Although this bully story is outside of the United States bullying is a national problem. This case was on my local news station, channel 16, out of South Bend, Indiana and my Facebook. This case also comes from Australia.

I have never been anything special, so don’t think I am any better than the neighbor, but I did have a brother who was mentally challenged. As he grew older he wanted to be friends with anyone. In our school days is where I noticed his behavior of saying anything on the school bus that would get a laugh or attention from the other bus riders.

I stood up for him in the elementary years and I don’t know if this is why I get so irate at people who are picked on, teased or bullied even today. Maybe, it is just my personality or maybe it is something that every person gets mad at. Well, I guess that isn’t quite so is it? The bully and those who stand by and watch don’t seem to get too upset.

I have read many stories on Facebook of bulling and consider the smirks and laughing at my brother also bullying. There are many kinds of bullying. It just doesn’t have to do with school children.

You as a bully think it’s cool don’t you? It places you in the spotlight for a small frame of time. You even get by with it for days, weeks and perhaps months until something stops you. I have a feeling that when you lay your head down at night, you aren’t dreaming of how that kid feels when you bully him. Darn it, you are probably thinking up new ways to bully that other child as you lay there.

I love that Channel 16 made this topic available to all of us on Facebook. There is always the other side of the coin. The one we don’t see quite as often. The side that shows the damage you, the bully, are causing.

I want you to take the time to read this. Read it over and over until it sinks in your head what you are really doing. Try placing yourself in the other foot. Do you want to feel like this little boy feels?

Thank you Channel 16 news, for sharing this story with us.We need to stop this!!!

3 thoughts on “To a Bully

  1. That poor child. I can’t begin to know how he feels, but for a child that young to want to die is heartbreaking. I know you have some idea about it. I do think people need to stop and think what they are teaching their children at home and what is being reinforced (or not) in the schools. On the other hand, I believe that often those bullies have been/are being bullied in some way at home and they are simply taking out their own anger on others smaller or weaker than them.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m not excusing their behavior in any way. But they need to be taught how to deal with anger and rage. That should be the parents’ job, but if the parents are the bullies, then the school system needs to step in to address this in an effective way to protect those being bullied. It has become way too big a problem today.

    I have a movie where a kid was being bullied, and finally this man gave him a solution. He had the boy’s sister tell the group of bullies that they had better watch out because if her brother got mad enough there was no telling what he would do and that he was extremely dangerous. Next day they went to school, and when the boy came running at the bullies he had put an Alkaselzer under his tongue and was foaming at the mouth. Those bullies ran and he was not bullied again. It was funny at that point in the movie and it was a real victory for the boy. I’m not sure that this would work in real life, but I’m sure there are things that would work if only someone could take a stand on behalf of those being bullied to give them support and let the bullies know that someone stronger than they are will stick up for those they have been bullying.

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    • There are so many missing children lately around my area. It is terrible with human trafficking and the people who feel they have the right to do wrong. While I was writing this post, there was a boy that was 12 from my town who went missing. The news just alerted us that he was found dead. Such a sad world we live in


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