A Child of God

I would feel like dying if one of my children died. I have had it planned in my mind for many years that my children would outlive me. I would watch then grow up and have their own families and try to be there for them when needed.

I can’t imagine, and maybe it is because I lived a sheltered? life. Sheltered may not be a good word. I came from a family who ate together at meal times. We practiced manners, respect and definitely respected our parents words.

I don’t even really know if this is a true issue today, but I do believe that taking God out of our every day lives and trying to pretend that there isn’t a God can definitely not be helping today.

Yesterday, it saddened me that there were so many missing children posted on my Facebook. It is also becoming a daily news item on our televisions too. Sometimes I can actually understand when there is a divorce and one of the parents tries to take a child of theirs. I don’t agree with this. The parent doesn’t win and I doubt if the child ever forgets his/her torment that goes on in a child’s mind.

There was a missing child that came across my screen and it definitely made me notice as it was from my own town. Don’t these things happen in other towns? Not cities like mine, we are not that big of a city. No, this is happening everywhere and in every city.

This child was a male and was twelve years old. Of course, I may never know the real story, since I didn’t personally know the family. We only know what we are told, as the public. The one thing that was mentioned was that this young boy may have a gun with him.

I trust our town and I know that our law officers and many volunteers were looking for this child. What was the child’s thoughts? Had there been a fight at home? Was the child running away from home because he didn’t get his own way? Had there been abuse involved? I don’t know.

The thing that tortures my mind is the gun. Why a gun? Why was a gun in an area that a child could get his hands on it? I am not defending the ownership of guns. I don’t like them. i am in fear of them, but when I have fear of someone being on the other side of my door; I have wished i owned one, but who knows, I could have hurt my own self.

The facts are, if a gun is owned in a home, it is very important and a must to keep that weapon put away where no one under eighteen can reach it. I may hear slack from some of you and that’s alright; we all have our own opinions.

Well, I was just watching the news and it came on as an update to this missing child. The law found him deceased. How tragic this is. A life that God placed on this earth with a purpose, taken away so quick.

At this time, there is nothing being said on how this young by died. I pray he didn’t shoot himself.

I will pray for this child’s family. No one expects their child to die before the parents. This is a sad situation that seems to becoming more in the news. How can we fix this?


7 thoughts on “A Child of God

  1. So much sadness in this world and so much of it involving children. Life just isn’t safe for many children today and it’s so wrong. Outside of abduction and home abuse, I think a lot of the problem is the media they watch and the computer games they play. So much evil is depicted in these areas and these poor kids are seduced into it hook, line and sinker.

    My pastor’s wife is currently doing a Bible study on parenting. If more people would learn how to parent according to Biblical principles these kids would be more secure in an atmosphere of love and discipline with safe boundaries set by their parents.


  2. It is so saddening ,I am assuming billing at school possibly I truely haven’t seen much and I agree with what you are saying. Guns should be kept secured somewhere maybe that even 18 yr. Old Donny have access. If they are out on there own at 18 and if it’s legal for them to have a gun fine.

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  3. It breaks my heart every time I hear something like this . I feel the same way I have two boys two girls which are all adults now . I can’t Imagine one of them leaving here before I do it bring tears to my eyes.


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