Same Children, Different Year

You remember the movie, The Christmas Story? I don’t know if there is a person who hasn’t seen it at some time. I didn’t watch it for many years because of memories connected with my deceased brother. This past Christmas I was able to watch about a fourth of it before I had to get a way from it.

I’m sitting here watching the many kids running back and forth. I see they are sledding and having a lot of fun. I can hear them from my closed windows laughing. It took me back to my childhood days. The days of being outside in the winter.

For me, it took me as long to get my winter gear on as the time I spent outside was about the same. I never liked outside. In fact, today, with having to use my walker and my ability to stand-up steady being weak, I have actually been looking at rentals in Tennessee. It has been two winters now that I am using a walker or scooter. Most times I lean or grab onto other’s coats for an extra safety harness. I just don’t like it, I mean the fact, that the fear of falling on slippery ice or crunchy snow keeps me home bound more and more. I don’t like the feeling of knowing my home that well. LOL.

My parents had the whole wardrobe assembled at the door. Regular clothes, sweatshirt over shirt, two pairs of socks, two pairs of long pants, snowmobile suit, gloves and hat along with a scarf that always came untied and I was eating the fuzz. I felt like I couldn’t move. Perhaps this is why I didn’t like outdoor activities. I preferred shorts and a T, socks and my red Keds.

As I sit here and watch the kids, I can’t but notice some are dressed similar to how I was but others don’t have any boots on. A few don’t have gloves on. One girl has only a sweater on over her clothes. Is the snow warmer today than when I was a kid, or are these kids today more warm-blooded than I was as a youngster. Or is it the babysitter or parents lack of care. I don’t know, but I know it just makes me shiver and wonder about their families. I do know one thing for sure; they sure are having fun and that says a lot.