I Need a Little Change

Ever since Christmas my health has been up and down. The Vagus nerve that we each have has been an issue for me for over a year. The Parkinson’s I have; affects this. One day you feel pretty good and the next day is a downer. I have had different infections and yesterday ended up back at the doctor with another ear infection.

I swear this apartment I live in isn’t helping. There is mold in here and from what neighbors have said, there has been mold problems in here. I wasn’t told about this until after I signed my lease. I believe that breathing in the air has contributed to health problems.

I am not sure what the term is called but I think living in drab colors during the winter leads me astray from happy thoughts to thoughts of I just want to nap until Spring. It is so dreary inside today. I have to turn the lights on to actually see good. Do you have poor lighting in your home like I do?

I will be so glad when the sunlight and warmth of Spring actually arrives. We have had teasers in our area. Days of sixty degrees and then days like today where it won’t reach forty degrees with cold and dampness.

I want to tell you one thing that really puts me in a good mood. Listening to the birds. I have seen the Robins. Yesterday I heard the red winged black birds. I love their sounds.

Whatever the problems I am dealing with, I know for a fact that Spring is my best medicine of all. Come on weather!!! Change!

4 thoughts on “I Need a Little Change

  1. I too love birds, get you a Vicks humidifier it will help your breathing we have one they are a little over 20.00 we both have COPD from second hand smoke and Bob’s work place asbestos. If you get dri rid they have it at most groceries or hardware stores it keeps the moisture at bay and keeps more mold from forming. The landlord should be made to take care of the mold situation that’s a health hazard. If the tenets would get a petition up and give it to the health board he or she would have to get it taken care of

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    • I do have a vaporizer but not a humidifier. Sometimes I use a little Vicks on my chest and nose. I think there is a lot of mold in these apartments but they are low income and for some reason, some are afraid to make a stink. I’ll look for that Dri Rid. Thanks for the tip!


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