Is The Media Feeding us Fear?

The mass media in the Western world possess many qualities that are meant to extract certain feelings out of the viewer. … However, perhaps the most important effect the media has is the ability to induce a constant state of fear in its audience.Jan 27, 2016

i bet there isn’t a person around the world who has not heard the words, Coronavirus 19. It came to my attention when the media began talking about how many people were ill in China.

I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention on it and said a silent prayer that people heal quickly from this. We, here in the United States deal with flu every winter and know that when Spring and warmer weather arrives, the flu leaves us alone.

The media spends much time talking about it on the morning news. I really enjoy the news and can’t help but hear their words about this virus. Still, it was far from me and now it isn’t. There are cases right here in Indiana and other states.

I hear the words about tests and I see schools around me are closing and the kids are E-learning. Colleges are closing, sports games are being played to an empty stadium. Even on my emails, I get letters from businesses that make me aware that they are doing their best to keep their stores as clean as possible so I will continue to shop there.

If you aren’t aware of what this virus is, here is a link.

I found myself mentally observing various things today while I was in town. “Don’t touch the door handles, stand in the shortest line when paying and don’t stand too close to others, listening to someone coughing and realizing I was backing away.”

These are just a few things I did different today. Will I be more alert the next time I go out? Is this the media’s speeches that I’m remembering in my head? I’m on an antibiotic at the present because of an ear infection, so aren’t I safe? Is washing our hands constantly really enough?

I understand no one wants this to happen to them or loved ones. Are we doing enough? Should we be doing more? Are we smart enough to use common sense or is the media feeding us?