We Need a Little Faith

Well, it has happened. Our President Trump has placed an emergency for the United States because of the new virus. Our local schools are now closed for at least three weeks. Businesses are allowing those who can, stay at home and work.

Our stores here in Indiana are showing empty shelves. I have been receiving emails all day from businesses I interact with, asking me to refrain from visiting their store to pay a bill. Instead, they want us to use online banking or phone payments.

The elderly and people are at risk of contacting this virus are asked to stay home. I think the Media does hype things up but I believe that this is more serious than we thought. Maybe U.S. should just do a lock down so this virus can not spread and it dies.

People are in a panic and maybe they have a right to. Stock piling and purchasing enough food and personal items to last a few weeks to a month. Should we all move to the forgotten hills to escape?