We Need a Little Faith

Well, it has happened. Our President Trump has placed an emergency for the United States because of the new virus. Our local schools are now closed for at least three weeks. Businesses are allowing those who can, stay at home and work.

Our stores here in Indiana are showing empty shelves. I have been receiving emails all day from businesses I interact with, asking me to refrain from visiting their store to pay a bill. Instead, they want us to use online banking or phone payments.

The elderly and people are at risk of contacting this virus are asked to stay home. I think the Media does hype things up but I believe that this is more serious than we thought. Maybe U.S. should just do a lock down so this virus can not spread and it dies.

People are in a panic and maybe they have a right to. Stock piling and purchasing enough food and personal items to last a few weeks to a month. Should we all move to the forgotten hills to escape?

9 thoughts on “We Need a Little Faith

  1. Our schools here are shutting down for 2 extra weeks with the March break week. The empty shelves at the store today were mostly the toilet paper. There weren’t many boxes of tissue left though lots more than I needed. This sinus thing seems to be clearing and I’m not using nearly as many tissues now, but don’t want to run out. The store was packed, but I found an aisle that wasn’t too backed up and it didn’t take too long to get through.


  2. The schools in Alberta are closed until September, but it was only to be for 3 weeks in Ontario to start with. Heaven only knows what will happen after that. I understand we do not have any hospitalized with the virus though quite a few have it. There are only 3 or 4 here in London I think though I haven’t heard today’s update. I have not been out since coming home from Church on Sunday. My pastor’s wife doesn’t want me to go out so said she would pick up any groceries I need. I hate people having to go out of their way for me like that though I think it’s really great at the same time.

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    • i understand how you feel about others helping. I think it is our pride. Grocery stores are opening two hours early for Seniors only so we can get food with little risk. We have had some deaths and plenty have the virus. I stay in as long as I can. I really don’t mind staying in. I’m used to it and besides, I am allergic to rain and we are getting plenty of that


      • The store I shop at is opening between 7 and 8 am for seniors and the disabled, but I’m never up at that time of the morning. 🙂 Cheryl is so busy with helping her family (3 married daughters and 5 grandchildren all 3 and under) and also other church members it seems a shame for her to have to do this for me as I feel perfectly able in myself. But I do need to respect her requests too. If I did get sick, that would be more for her to be concerned about. And I know she relies on my intercession all the time too. She doesn’t want anything to stop me in that I’m sure. My pastor is trying to figure out how to get church online right now. I don’t know if it will be ready this week or not. But all churches have been told to switch to online for now. I hope this doesn’t go on for too much longer whatever they are predicting. I don’t think we can believe half of what we are being told, so it’s hard to know what to think at all.


      • I guess you need to do what you need to do to stay safe and you are lucky to have help. That means a lot. You stay safe my friend. Big hugs


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