And In my Neighborhood

I hear a lot about different states but have no verification. Here in Indiana many changes have been happening in the past couple of weeks.

People are afraid. People are hoarding toilet paper and hand sanitizers along with cleaning products. People must eat out often because the actual food aisles are loaded with real food.

Restaurants are closed here but you can still go through the drive-thru part. Schools were delayed until April 1 but as an hour ago have now been closed until May.

Some grocery stores have opened up early for only Seniors to go shopping with minimal risk Most businesses will allow you to pay online but not in person.

I saw that President Trump is working on helping those who have lost their jobs due to the virus through various ways.

Elective surgeries have been cancelled by hospitals and the town next to me, as of today, have placed a travel advisory in place. They are not to be out driving without a very important reason.

I have lived through different plagues but this one seems so different and in my opinion it is because people are carrying the virus without any symptoms for up to two weeks and if some choose to think this is a hoax, they are spreading the disease even more.

I saw the younger generation was an example of what I said above. They are younger and feel like they can ignore or conquer anything. I get it, but this is not just state to state, it is global, therefore this is one time we all need to respect the new changes in effect.

As for myself, I am facing some new health challenges. I have been to the doctor, it seems, about once a week. I have been to the ER this week and am seeing a Specialist next week.

I pray for you and I pray for me. Please do what you can to keep others, yourself and your families safe.

This too shall pass but not without losses.