Not About the Corona Virus

It’s been a strange year so far hasn’t it? All of those resolutions we made never had much of a chance with the lock downs around the world. I live in Indiana and we have been on lock down for seven weeks, I believe. It feels like years though.

I had been sick with different things. I doctored with an ear infection but it turned out it wasn’t an ear infection. I actually got the Shingles. My doctor said it was the grown-up version of Chicken Pox. That stuff was so painful. Itching and burning in my ear and on my face. Scabs are still in place and it has been over a month.

I also had an MRI done for a trip I made to the ER one evening and a mass was found on my ovary. Go see a doctor right away, they said. Hey, we never get into a doctor right away. I had to go to my primary,for his opinion and then wait for another call for a Specialist and then wait for that appointment.

When that appointment came, I was put through every woman test I swear. I was sent to the hospital for special internal testing and external testings. I had labs for cancer done. I was sent to an ophthalmologist too. I guess this was to examine the entire interior of my eye to make sure the shingles hadn’t entered since the virus was attacking my face.

Following all of these tests I then got an infection in my lungs. I have been so too many antibiotics in my opinion but they did help. I finally cleared up. The scabs are beginning to leave and I received the good news that I did not have cancer.

Now that I am still in lock down I have turned to my favorite activity outdoors, bird watching. I have three different bird feeders and my cat, Riley and I are enjoying the view.

God has his reasons why the world is in chaos and my belief is that God has had enough of people ignoring him and his values. This is a wake-up call and I can already see by the way people are turning away from themselves and turning to helping others, that his way of life he wishes us to live is working.

I don’t work because of an illness but I can tell you I will be glad to just drive to the lake and sit and smell the lake and look at the scenery and take some more photos.

8 thoughts on “Not About the Corona Virus

  1. So very glad the health news was mostly good news! I’m also glad you got to get out for a bit.

    I’ve been working all through this “shelter at home” stuff – until this Wednesday. Now I am working from home, and very thankful for it. I wasn’t working with the public, but I traveled nearly an hour both ways, and I like having those hours back to do other things with the time. I’ve had my hours reduced for the rest of the year (from 40 to 34, so I keep my benefits). I’ve also been issued 15 days of furlough scattered around the rest of the year. Some are near holidays, so if you have vacation time you can use it. I used all of mine up already with an illness in February.

    But, I figured out my budget (having gotten the first pay check with the new hours) and I can still make a trip into Georgia to see my sister and her husband – if all the states are no longer locked down by Labor Day.

    We’ll see how this shakes out, hm?

    Have a great day and thanks for the good word :).

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  2. it is nice to hear from you. It doesn’t seem like to us, but God always has a way of making everything work out for us. He is wonderful. I am glad you get a break from that long drive. Glad life is working out

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    • I hope no other medical issues arise for awhile for sure. Yes, I really love watching the birds. Now a days with the world scares, finding joy is still something I seek. I guess I never quit finding one good thing about each day sine my brother passed. Hugs my friend

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  3. Did you have to have surgery for the mass on your ovary?. So glad it wasn’t Cancer. Praying you fully recovered from shingles Bob had that when I had gallbladder surgery. All over his back and chest it was horrid. We used Aveeno to bathe him twice a day to help the itch a salve Dr prescribed plus an antibiotic. Took him over a month now he gets a shot ever 5 yrs I think cause he gets that the flu and pnemonia shots too. I can never keep track of all of them. But don’t know if your Dr mentioned it to you or not but there is a vaccination for shingles. God bless you and keep you safe.

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    • I have never had any of the adult vaccinations. I try to keep my immune system as strong is it can be, but maybe i should and am glad you two take such good care of each other. I didn’t have to have surgery because they discovered I have an extra thick lining to my ovaries so I walked away with no treatment


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