It’s a Wonderful Day in the Neighborhood

It’s a normal day, well at least a normal day for me.Here in northern Indiana, we had about an hour of sunshine and clouds for the rest of the day. Rain is coming and it is supposed to rain all day tomorrow.

I haven’t done a lot today but yesterday I cooked a chicken and made half of it into pulled chicken and the other half I made chicken with rivals. Have you ever had rivals? It is a food that my grandma and mother made and I have remembered the recipe, although there actually isn’t a recipe to follow.

You cook up your chicken so you get that nice broth. When chicken is done, take it out of the broth and when cooled, shred it. You can have chunks if you choose but I choke so easy, I shred it.

Turn the burner back on low and take four to five eggs and whisk them until fluffy. Add salt and pepper for taste. Then by one-half cups at a time, stir flour into the eggs. When it becomes like pizza dough, drop by your fingers or a fork into the hot broth. Turn the burner up until it begins to boil, then cover and turn it to simmer and let it simmer for fifteen minutes. Take the lid off and add your chicken back in. You can make a veggie and mashed potato sides if you want.

It’s filling and a cheap meal for those chilly days. Today it is about sixty so that is a chilly day for me.

Today, I took, Riley, my cat outside on his leash. We stay on the porch and he gets some fresh air. The neighbor lady was sitting out so we chatted. I told her about what I had been doing and mentioned the rivals. She had never heard of them so I got her a bowl so she can have some for her supper. She is a stroke victim so I think she will enjoy not having to cook tonight.

9 thoughts on “It’s a Wonderful Day in the Neighborhood

  1. I would like 60′ right now. We had snow again a couple of days ago. And our heat seems to have been lacking in my apartment until yesterday when I finally warmed up and don’t have to be wrapped up in blankets to try to keep warm. Hopefully we will get something like spring temperatures around here soon. I would really prefer summer temperatures. 🙂 Your dinner sounds yummy. I made a 6-liter slow cooker of veggie soup and a soup bone a week or so ago, and just finished it today. That was really tasty. Now I’ll have to figure out what I’m going to make for tomorrow. Keep well and safe Terry.

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  2. I love chicken with rivals, my grandma use to make it. Haven’t had any for yrs might try my hand at it this weekend Hope you are keeping busy. Praying you are doing ok in your new home. Thought you were going to get a rescue dog. You are going to have to send me pictures of your cat. Bet he is beautiful. Can’t wait for some warmer weather , I’d like to get some plants in the yard and small garden in my back yard,just to cold yet. By chance are you liv8 by in what’s considered a senior apt. Complex likes out past Martin’s and past the movie theater. I have some friends that live in that area.Its apts.for senior living you take care of yourself etc. Reg. Apts.just for seniors at a reasonable rate too. It just we aren’t use to living so close to others. We lived in a duplex in North Las Vegas yrs ago, neighbors were boozers woild get drunk and hide behind the bushes right outside our bedroom window. We turned them in but it made maters worse theyd bang on the wall make all kinds of was low income housing . Wasn’t long after we moved on the other side of town blocks from Nellis airbase. That was something to get use to but better than the boozers anyday

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    • That’s awful that because the neighbors were turned in, they did so much emotional damage. Shame on them. I do live out by the theaters but no, it isn’t Senior apartments but rather HUD apartments. I do understand about the neighbors being too close. I generally like peace and quiet and don’t like everyone seeing or watching what I do


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