Who Am I Today?

The photo above is the cat that my brother and I had when my brother was still living and I took care of him. Rhino was a great cat and although we both loved him, he was closer to my brother. I believe this was because my brother was sick and the cat knew it. After my brother passed, the cat went into a different personality and life was never the same again.

It’s been some time since I owned a cat so I decided to get a new pet, but I didn’t give it enough thought and it didn’t work out. I have gait problems and this pretty much means I am unsteady on my feet. My cat, named Riley, was very loving and always under my feet. I fell into walls or cabinets from tripping over him.

I tried so many things to get him to stop but he just wouldn’t change that about himself, so a few days ago, he was placed in another loving home. I think he will be happy once he is used to his new surrounding and he will even have a cat friend to play with. I really miss him and the house seems so quiet, but I believe I will be a little safer.

It’s Friday morning and the humidity is high here in Northern Indiana. I plucked dead flowers from my outdoor plants but didn’t stay outside because of the heat. I prepped some veggies and put all items in covered blows for a few chef salads for myself.

I can still eat them as long as I take my time chewing and make sure the ingredients are small enough. I really enjoy salads in the summertime. Did you know that I have a recipe here on my WordPress? I sure do and be sure to check it out. Easiest Recipes Ever and if you are on Facebook, I have a recipe page there also and here is the link.


Not much happening here. Restaurants are opening but dine in is still slow and some eating places still aren’t open at all. I think Indiana is lifting everything July 4th. It’s still a little leery for me though. Cases of being positive for the virus are on the rise as people ignore the social distancing and more is opening.

I hope all of us continue to be cautious and smart.

I want to add one last thought.

It is awful what is happening to our country in our racial and hate crimes. Pray peace finds it way to our people.

Have a great day my friends.