A Little Taste of Normal

What is Normal?

‘Normal’can be defined as any behavior or condition which is usual, expected, typical, or conforms to a pre-existing standard.


When I arise each morning, I place my Life Alert around my neck. I use the bathroom and then I get my first cup of coffee.

This is my normal. I watch the news on TV while I drink my coffee and the last few minutes that I am spending quality time with myself, I check my emails and Facebook on my phone.

This is the end of my normal. I get up and start the day by house work. The movement and bending or running the sweeper drains me in no time at all. The aches I didn’t experience upon arising show their faces.

In no time at all, I am ready for a nap.

Yesterday, I went to the hospital for an appointment I had for a swallow study test. The doctor and the technician were stumped by my swallowing and choking on the different food choices they gave me.

They said the normal person would not notice such a tiny remnant of food left in the back of my mouth but my high sensitivity picked up quickly that food was still remaining. As they watched the scan, I could hear them whispering and wondered what they were saying. They stated they would send my test results to my Neurologist. I am waiting for that call. They did mention, no more straws and a mechanical soft diet.

So this is my new beginning of another normal. What is your normal in your eyes?