The Invisible Wall

It really bothers me that color is a small word with huge descriptions and how these two colors, black and white have become like oil mixed with water. Why?

Everywhere you look there is turmoil. Fighting for a race, fighting for a right. It has taken over every part of the world.

The fact is; that we are each equal. One is no better than the other and we all have the right to take space in this world.

I got my scooter out last evening and grabbed my camera. I decided to take some photos, which I showed you above. I live in an area of black and white. A small community but I wouldn’t consider it a close knit neighborhood after last evenings ride.

I ask to take the photos of the kids. The kids liked showing off for the photos but I got the look from the parents. I felt like I was about to make an attack on someone. The looks weren’t angry, but they were looks of fear.

What was I doing speaking to them? Why did I want to photograph their kids? I explained I was a photographer and that seemed to settle things down, but the tension was still there. It is sad in my eyes.

I remember when I used to work in the nursing field. I worked with mixed colors and believe me, the black women I worked beside could really make me laugh up a storm. I became close enough with one gal, that I asked her one evening if she wanted to go out and get a coke after work to just unwind and laugh. Immediately, her smile left and she said, “Work was one thing,but we weren’t mixing after work.”

It hurt my feelings but I understood. Maybe I will never understand it from their point, but all I do understand, is color doesn’t keep me from being friendly and wanting to make friends.