Everything you hear about today is the deadly virus or BLM, Black Lives Matter. Why is that what we hear? Don’t All Lives Matter? We don’t hear White lives matter, or poverty lives matter. God didn’t make us to separate us.

I am all for one and one for all. I am for equality. I am for doing what’s right in God’s eyes and if you are knowingly sinning, than it is going to be between you and God on judement day.

I am all for history. I study it myself and I want my grandchildren to learn about history and see our history sites throughout the world. What we are doing today is wrong. There is no you or me or us. We are family, living on this big blue ball.

I was very upset at the video I watched on our local news yesterday. It is a true story that happened about thirty minutes from where I live. You will see this below. Click on the link. I don’t want to hear the screaming anymore when crap like this happens. I don’t want to see anymore destruction of our history. I want everyone doing bad things on purpose to stop. This is all nonsense to me. Explain why this is happening in a BLM world.


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