A Day in a Life

Well, in less than a month, I will have lived in my apartment for one year. There are times that I compare where I live now to where I had lived the last two years.

Old apartment;

Close to town

Everything under one roof {trash disposal, mail}

Too many rules that changed at the blink of an eye

Someone I could talk to if I wanted to

Bed bugs



No close parking spot

Not good snow removal

New apartment;

More quiet

No one to talk to

Rules that you can count on not to change

Parking outside my front door

Snow removal

Farther to town

Trees and nature

Freedom to make more choices

More expensive

I won’t be moving from here this next year. Although I wanted to because I wanted a place that was big enough to ride my scooter on the inside and also because this is not a disabled apartment, I will be here.

I can’t believe the prices of apartments here in my town. We have factories and are known for the orthopedic capital of the world. This drives the prices out of my range. I also believe that the good Lord wants me to remain here for his own reasons or I would have located a new place.

I never thought I would be living in an apartment at my age but life changes and sometimes it never goes back. We must accept these changes if we want to live with inner peace or else we will be miserable the rest of our lives.

Every morning when I wake up I thank God that I have another day and ask him what he wants of me this day. I know he is guiding my today and future days, so I am not going to fret about the new expenses for the next year. I know I will figure out how to handle my challenges because this is where I belong, at least for twelve more months.

3 thoughts on “A Day in a Life

  1. I actually like living in an apartment since it means my heating bills will be lower for warm walls that are not exposed to the weather.

    Aside from that, I’ll bet there is some housing that is income controlled. Have you talked to someone within the Department of Aging? I found a link where someone might help you find an apartment in time for next year or this year here:https://www.caregiverlist.com/Indiana/departmentonaging.aspx

    If you’ve already contacted them, then I’m honestly sorry you couldn’t find something better.

    If you haven’t contacted them, then you really really should! I got soooo much help when I was working full time and needed some help with my birth mother’s situation. I couldn’t have her living with me (she was narcissistic and mentally ill); but I did care about her and would help her in many other ways. They helped her qualify for Section 8 housing, 20 hours of housekeeping and physical hygiene assistance as well as the lady making hot meals before she left.

    The thing my mom would mess up is that her pride would make her tell them that she could do things that she could only do on exceptional days. That lost her housekeeping help. I got another appointment for her with the case worker and told her firmly: Mom, you answer the questions for your worst days only. That way you have help for every one of them. If you flunk this twice, it will be a long time before you’ll be eligible again, and I’m not going to be a substitute for the help you eliminated. She did better for two years and then I had to re coach her again, chuckle. You don’t have to lie about what you can/can’t do. Just tell them about you on your WORST days when they do the interviews.

    I never knew about this kind of help, but it’s specifically set up to keep Seniors living outside of Assisted Living situations, and living as independently as possible. That’s because it’s cheaper, so there’s motivation for this federal program to stay alive.

    Hope that helps. Huggerz.

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    • I do live in government housing. My issue is, i didn’t work during my life time. I cared for my children, that gave me very little to work with and I receive a smaller than most social security check. With the ever rising prices of apartments, groceries etc, I barely make it, so the new rent increase just does me in


      • If you were married for 10 years, you can claim widow’s benefits – if the man you were married to has died. My birth mother was able to do it when my birth father died, as well as my stepmom. Just a tip.

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