The Strangest Summer Ever

I have never been the one who goes on vacation in the summer time. One time I went with a past husband and I ended up getting pregnant. Now that was a vacation that I will never forget, every time I look at my son.

I would love to go somewhere, even for a couple of days but this summer has been the strangest ever. If you cross the state line or if you go into a store; you risk catching the virus. The beaches are open but there are people there. I guess i don’t want to risk getting Corona 19 because I remain home most days.

I see the television ads for places far away and I think, how dreamy that would be and then I start thinking of the money needed to go and the prep work in getting ready to go and by then I am tired.

I imagine my summer trip will be my trip to the Movement Disorder doctor in Indianapolis, which is about three hours from me. I will have a companion with me and most likely get a motel because I have a hard time getting around in the mornings and I would have to leave here by around six-thirty and I don’t do well with that.

I have a porch where I live but the humidity has kept me from sitting on my porch chairs most days. The good thing is, next week we are to be in the seventies. Wow! What great temperatures. I will try sitting out throughout this period.

I will be soon repeating my care giving skills as my friend who had the surgery a couple of weeks ago and for whom I cared for, is having another surgery on the opposite arm. I am okay with it. I like caring for others and I am mentally prepared to as what my duties will be as this is a repeat of the first surgery.

Tomorrow I am going to be able to get out of the house for a while. I am going to be a passenger and get to go two a few places out of town. I will be able to enjoy the ride and probably take a few photos.

Can you believe July is almost over? Our weather has been more like August so I wonder what our next month will be like.

Do you have any plans for the rest of the summer?

Below is a few photos I have taken in our summers in Indiana.

11 thoughts on “The Strangest Summer Ever

  1. I live in a resort town (Lake Geneva, WI), and we get a lot of visitors from IL every year. This year, the visitors are especially thick because of the easier COVID rules in WI vs IL or especially Chicago. I don’t resent the extra folks, but I also don’t trust them. Our local businesses need the traffic, so I am honestly glad that they come. However, so many of them are not masking up, or keeping a social distance. The people in the stores on Mondays and Tuesdays are so much better than the people on Fridays to Sundays, since most of the folks at the beginning of the week are “locals” and more concerned about being careful not to bring the virus home to anyone.

    I am thankful to work from home, but I noticed that has resulted in my not going anywhere for weeks at a time. I went to my doctor’s office for a shingles shot yesterday, and noticed that the corn in the fields on the way went from ankle height to over my shoulders since the last time I went! I get to watch my grandson every other weekend (his Daddy works on Sundays), and that’s about the only real social contact I have that’s lengthy and stirs my life up in the best ways (I get to serve a dinner each Sunday he’s here when Daddy comes to get him after work).

    I enjoy some time with my neighbor, because we’re both so isolated that we’re not worried about contact so much. It’s a huge blessing, and I thank God for it. We’ve lived next door to each other for about four years now, and have become dear friends. We know when to allow each other room to just be alone a bit, too.

    Summer is just not my favorite season, but living in a resort area has led me to expect some things every summer. Not having them happen, due to cancellations from COVID has made me oddly anxious. I had a messy fourth of July weekend – internally. No picnic with family, no fireworks, no swimming fun – I ended up in a weird kind of anxiety muddle. Depression meds helped, but I was still a mess until the weekend itself was over.

    LIfe is certainly odd this year!

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    • Summer used to be my favorite season but the heat and humidity get to me more these latter years, so now I like Fall the best. Why don’t people mask up, especially when they are visiting other cities. I don’t get it. What kind of work do you do from home? I would love to be doing something, anything, well almost anything. lol


      • I have worked as a technical writer and data entry person, with strong MS Excel and MSWord activity. Lately, I’m doing something manually that software was supposed to do automatically, but the information wasn’t transferred from the older format correctly. It’s a bit tricky, and even my best coworker doesn’t want to do the wide variety of chores I perform. I like my leadership very much, and I know that he’s working on a way to get the software problem fixed, but it’s going to take some big dollars to do it. After three years of this process, he’s probably going to have it happen when I am ready to retire at 70, if God sustains my health and allows things to work that way.

        I will most certainly retire if the glitch is fixed sooner, since I am a contractor through a hiring agency, and can’t become a permanent person with the company I am working for. My work is technically my client’s job, though he has too much to do with other programs. So, they allowed him a contractor (me) until the work duties are lessened and he can do it all himself. That’s what will happen when the glitch is fixed. It’s been a great run, and I am thankful that I found a good job at my age six years ago this past April. I was facing homelessness 10 days after I got their call, and 5 days after I knew I was getting assigned to the job. Whew! God’s timing can sure leave me breathless!


  2. TO be honest, I’d rather not go anywhere, because of the virus. It is not over and America seems to still have it badly. Even here in London it is all relaxed, too relaxed for my liking. So I am not going out and enjoy my garden instead. I’ll make the most of it and enjoy the peace and quiet there. (I might go for a day trip somewhere by car but it will be carefully chosen, as I don;t want to go where lots of people are. ) Staying safe id more important. Your neigbour needs you and you are such a good carer. She is in good hands with you!

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    • I understand what you say about going nowhere. I do go to the grocery and then wonder on the way home if I was too close too anyone while there. Do you have a lot of positive cases there? I do enjoy caring for others and miss it so am glad to be helping someone now. Big hugs

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  3. Hi my friend I haven’t forgotten you. Been going nuts lately, but we are doing the best we can . Darn virus.i have a bunch of things going on doing container gardening again have sweet potatoes squash tomatoes green beens lettuce radishes peppers melons will take pics and send to you later. God bless you my friend keep in touch.

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