Chronic Pain

It wasn’t that long ago that my friend had a surgery on both arms. Each arm was separated by two weeks of healing but the healing hasn’t completed. In fact, as of today, the patient swears the pain is worse than before the surgery.

On top of that there had been specialist ordering specific tests because as three of them said, “Something is going on inside your body, but I am not sure what is wrong.” After these tests and weeks in between doctor appointments, I have had to sadly sit by and watch this patient suffer daily.

The latest update as of two weeks ago is the patient has Spinal Muscular Atrophy. At first my eyes about bugged out of my head when I heard these words because it was just too unreal that I may be living through the nightmare my brother lived through with his Multiple System Atrophy.

You can see through the words that these two resemble each other too well. I guess this one begins within the spine and my brother’s began in the brain. Although the brain seems to intertwine in both illnesses. The nerves are involved, the unsteadiness and the chronic pain along with other similarities.

For now, we are waiting for two tests to be performed in early October. Until then, I will sit by and be supportive, thinking to myself, I can get through this with my friend, I did it with my brother.

Hugs my friends.

8 thoughts on “Chronic Pain

  1. Wow, that is a hard hit for your friend. Talking about people thinking the pain is all “in the head”, years ago I had a neighbor who, no matter what anyone had wrong, she had always had it much worse and suffered much more than that person. I don’t know what makes people be like that. It’s certainly not nice. I hope the surgery hasn’t made the overall condition, not just the arms, worse than before. Surgery can stir things up sometimes.

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    • I don’t believe the surgery helped at all. I think the illness was or is the culprit. I have known a person or too that is like what you described; always has something the same as others or their’s is much worse. I hope these new tests are going to do some good. Hugs

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