Your Favorite Christmas Cookie Recipes

Easiest Recipes Ever!

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And Now Into Christmas Baking

I could use your help now that we are entering the Christmas season. I and many others have our usual holiday baking list, but it can sometimes need refreshed.

What I want from you is Christmas cookies recipes. Add it to the comments and share with us all please. Let’s get talking!!!!


Well, Halloween is over and suddenly, Christmas is in all the stores. Christmas commercials have been seen on the television and people are beginning to think about the upcoming holiday and a few are starting to decorate.

With today’s weather here in Indiana, it seems like summer is still here. I will definitely enjoy these next few days of warm temperatures, but, no matter what the weather, the calendar says we are heading into winter.

What happened to Thanksgiving? Here in Indiana, there is talk on the media that we should do virtual Thanksgiving. My son says we are doing real Thanksgiving, just like other years and I agree, unless someone becomes ill.

What about you? Are you concerned about the upcoming holidays, along with travel and being in one house with many people? Let me know.

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