There is Only today to Live

Wow, where did the year go? I can’t believe this is the last month of the year and also Christmas. What does the year say for you? How do you feel about Christmas?

For me, although I worried about remaining safe and my family not getting the virus; I am blessed today, as I am not one of those in the over crowded hospitals. I think what helps me follow the virus rules is, I don’t want to lie in a cold, hard bed all alone, and maybe die alone with my family and friends not being able to hold my hand.

I have always been afraid of being alone and it is quite actually silly because I am not alone at all. I never have been since I chose to let God live in my life and so I am not one of those anymore all excited about the presents and blitz, although I do love the soft lights of Christmas and the spirit of people’s hearts.

I am thankful that I made it to this day, to this month and to this year. I am sixty-six and I don’t know how many opportunities I am going to be given, so for me I will say thank-you each day I live.

Today, thirteen years ago, my hero of my life was taken to heaven. My daddy, how I still find some days to be as close as that day, is still being missed by me as much as the first day he left. Hand in hand, I heard him take his last breath. I love and miss you Daddy.

2 thoughts on “There is Only today to Live

  1. Yes I feel the same as you. It’s silly we really aren’t alone God is they’re beside us always. I I’m lucky in that I have Bob with me but I’m afraid of me ending up in the hospital and him here alone then if he goes to hospital I can’t be with him and it would truely kill me you know with all thats going on he wouldn’t be taken care of the way he should be and he never speaks up for himself I’ve always fought to get him the care he needed. But i truely agree with what you are saying my friend. We will have a small mealand be blessed that God has kept us going all these yrs We’ve had alot of ruff patches as you know . God has always be there I truely need to lean on him more. God bless you my friend ,may you have a nice Christmas and a blessed New Year. This yr has raced by I hate it . Wish it would slow down a bit. I’ve already lost a day I thought today was Monday Bob said nope it’s Tuesday,😁.

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    • All these months you have poured out your heart, time and love into taking care of Bob. God will lift you up when you need it. Just keep doing what you are doing. God is blessing you both


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