5 thoughts on “Question 3

  1. Nothing theres nothing left in this world to dream of my dreams have been shattered for many yrs since i was 10 yrs old. I wanted to travel around the United State well to late now.unsafe number 1 and at the gate in going heath wise who knows may not see another Christmas. I tour the internet it’s interesting and all but not the same as going on a nice vacation as so many of my friends have done I’m not jealous I’d just love to take Bob and get away for a few days. But who am I kidding it’s never going to happen, I’ve given up on that thought. Been over 30 yrs.imprisioned in this house except to shop and go to drs.all we get done but I’ve done that for yrs even before I met Bob I wasn’t very social I kept to myself thanks to the way dad treated me wasn’t allowed to do anything no games no school parties no boyfriend school and home if I wasn’t home in time be would hunt me up I’d better take the route he told me to take don’t stop and talk to anyone I was to get my ass home when he found me a couple times he’d hell and cuss and threaten me all the way home in the car never got ride to school ever not even in the real cold days of winter.treated me like a slave I’d do homework and house cleaninhelped cook did 13 loads of laundry in old wringer washer and tubs ironed everything except underwear even sheets. Stayed up allhouse helping take care of my brothers and who ever else was sick abused me to no end till I told him one time he’d better keep one eye open cause it he kept hurting me I would kill him in his sleep. Told .e quit school women don’t need to graduate you need to be her to help out around the house.fooled his butt I’d go to school sleep deprived huge dark circle under my eyes looked like a crappin racoon.kids would stare at .e and laugh even some that are Facebook friends today I got broad shouldersthey treat me with respect will treat them with respect.the only one I cant seen to forgive is Dad. Its so hard for me to trust, he today ruined my life.

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    • I don’t dream much anymore of exiting challenges coming my way. I am too old. I have feelings that often force sadness on me. I have an aunt and uncle that because of my father’s will, have disappeared from my life. Actions they took more than once have caused mistrust on my part and leave me wondering if they ever loved me in the beginning. It’s terrible how money can change people, even in your immediate family. I wish there wasn’t an abundance of money, people remained kinder. I carry feelings of guilt because I never truly had that bond between my stepmother and myself, and I wish I didn’t, but I do. It was partly due to my lack of wanting to get too close to a new mom and partly due to terrible things she said to me that I will never forget. I have asked God to forgive the people in my life that have hurt me deeply, and I believe I have, but I can’t bring myself to associate with them because I don’t want the terrible hurt and memories to return. We all have skeletons in our closets.


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