Question 4

My grandparents lived their lives starting out by eating real bacon, eggs fried in bacon grease, toast and black coffee. I have to eat turkey bacon and eggs and sugar free bread and one cup of coffee with powdered cream because of doctor’s recommendations. My grandmother lived to be shy of 100. What’s your thoughts on our eating today compared to your ancestors?

2 thoughts on “Question 4

  1. My parents and grandparents ate what they had. They did not have such an vast choice as we have in the supermarket. My parents in fact ate very sparsely during the war, as there was not enough meat, eggs etc. They were inventive though. They did not waste food either as everything was precious. We have now such a choice and that is why we need to make good choices. So much out there is unhealthy with additional chemicals and stuff in it. Life was different then and it is difficult to compare really. The main thing is though we have something to eat and we need to value that and enjoy.

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