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  1. Sad to say my friend don’t think I have one anymore Was grocery shopping Bob stayed in the car had to go to 3 stores trying to find non dairy food can have milk or anything made with .milk. need plant based things.i tried to hurry fast as I could kept asking him. Do you need to empty your bag no I’m fine.got home he got out of the car I said I think your bag blew Got him in-house to bath room helped him out of his clothes helped clean him up where he what a mess his clip on bag came undonewhile he finished up I brought groceries in.put refrigerated food away left none foods in bag will get to it today after supper was going through emails around 10pm pop up you have no internet service my WiFi wasn’t connected I signed in kept telling me it was an incorrect password when I knew it wasn’t Called Medicom twice finely the second time they corrected it.i said was I have she came back with an answer no. Told her somethings fishy can use the same password that you guys gave me for my printer but yet it won’t accept it on 5G. Boy she got on it right away.even started laughing about it stupid person

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    • When I was caring for my brother, it was for seven years. Most of those years, the care came from only me. I could never understand why family and friends didn’t pitch in to help more. There were a couple of angels named Peggy and Sue that held me together and my dearest friend, Lezlie, kept me together many months, but the actual care was my job. I got tired, very tired. I felt stranded at home. I got out once a week for several weeks to get groceries and needed items. I would leave my brother with a caregiver but I admit, while I was gone from him, I worried if he was getting good care, so I was glad to be back home again. Believe me, I know how you feel. It feels like Monday is no different than Sunday and you become more of a maid than a wife or sister, but it is worth it. When that time comes and you two no longer share space on earth together, you will have tons of memories to live and love. Life changes as we age. People pass away, divorce happens, people move away. It can be very lonely, but God sees you and he sees your heart. You will be rewarded in heaven for what you do here on earth today. Talk to God, he brings great comfort and becomes a very close friend and keep doing what you are doing because the outside may look bleak, but your strength remains strong. Hugs


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